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The most important factor in caring for your fine jewelry is understanding appropriate wear. As much as we want you to love and enjoy wearing your new piece of Brilliance in Diamonds jewelry, it is delicate and should be cared for accordingly. To extend the life of your jewelry and maximize the longevity of your piece, please follow the following care instructions:

·  Jewelry should be removed when: showering, sleeping, swimming, cooking, cleaning, and applying lotions, perfumes, and cosmetics.

·  Leave your jewelry at home before engaging in strenuous activities such as exercising, especially at the gym. Fine jewelry can be damaged by contact with weights or machinery.

·  Depending on your professional life, you will need to carefully assess whether your piece should be worn during working hours.

·  If you have a fine jewelry piece that contains a pearl or opal, extra care should be taken as they are extremely fragile stones.

·  AVOID: all contact with nail polish remover/rubbing alcohol, sulfur, chlorine, and other harsh chemicals.


·  Jewelry can be cleaned using mild soap, warm water and a soft bristle toothbrush to remove any particles of dirt around the prongs or settings.  To maintain the shine of your diamonds, you can use a soft toothbrush and blue Windex to gently brush in the hard-to-reach areas, such as underneath the stone. Rinse with warm water and pat it dry with a microfiber cloth. Repeat this until your ring is as shiny as the first day you laid eyes on it! If you can’t get it to sparkle like you want, you can always bring it to us for a free ring cleaning!

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