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Your Guide to Jewelry this Fall

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Who doesn't love the fall? Cool weather, warm sweaters, gorgeous colors. While you're getting ready to but on your fave sweater and booties, don't forget your jewelry! We've put together a little style guide to wearing jewelry this fall.

Let's start with necklaces. A simple solitaire, such as our east to west emerald, goes perfectly with low cut sweaters or turtle necks.


Go with a pearl or larger pendant for a more noticeable look. Or add some flare by layering on a second solitaire.


Don't skip out on bracelets! Wear a bracelet to peak out from the cuffs of your sweater.


Stacking bands are so versatile and are perfect in every season. And they go with any & every outfit! Don't know where to start with stackables? We recommend starting with a smooth band & a textured one. Then you can go almost anywhere with it! Add a different textured ring or go bolder and add a signet!


Last, add some statement to your look with some gold hoops. For a more subtle statement, grab a pair of bezeled baguette earrings.



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