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Why Does the Diamond Cut Affect the Price?

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

A diamond’s cut is one of the most complex factors that affect a diamond’s price. In cutting diamonds, the slightest error can ruin a diamond’s shape and may in turn compromise its beauty (and also its price). The perfect cut is of utter importance because when properly cut, the diamond will reflect and refract the light that enters through its top or table facet. If the diamond cutter doesn’t cut the stone properly, the light that enters the diamond will exit out of the bottom or on the side of the stone. This is also known as light leakage. A properly cut diamond will reflect white light, known as “brilliance,” and send rainbows, known as “fire,” out of its many facets.

In comparing a one-carat diamond that has an excellent cut against a one-carat diamond with an average cut, the price of the excellent or ideal cut diamond’s price can be higher by as much as 20-30%. In short, a large portion of the value of the diamond will be determined by its cut.

Symmetry of the diamond is very important because it allows the diamond to reflect more light which in turn enhances the diamond’s beauty. If the diamond is cut too deep or too shallow, the light it reflects will be compromised.

Keeping the color, clarity, and carat weight of the diamond constant, the value of the diamond will be solely determined by how well it is cut. A well-cut diamond can sometimes help make up for a diamond lacking in the other in color or clarity. Small diamonds that have an excellent cut will be more appealing than a large one with an average to poor cut.

Most of the time diamonds are bought for special occasions and for those in our lives who are very important. Of the Four C’s, a diamond’s Cut is not one of the factors you will want to compromise on.



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