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Making Sure Not to Side Step the Side Stone Quality of Your Setting

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Putting together the perfect diamond engagement ring comes down to the fine details. There are of course two main factors most people consider; the center stone and the setting. Before I elaborate further, I always like to point out one vital aspect that can never be overlooked. GET HER WHAT SHE WANTS! I’m not talking about her burning desire for a 5ct diamond and your burning desire not to go bankrupt purchasing it. What I am referring to is paying attention to the shape and style of the setting she likes. If she likes a round diamond in a cushion shape halo style setting…then that is what you should get her. If she likes a pear shape in an antique style setting…then that is what you should get her. You’re asking for her hand in marriage. The engagement ring is a gift for this perfect person who so lovingly is allowing you to spend forever with them.

The first component of any engagement ring is the center stone shape and its corresponding quality combination of the 4 C’s. The setting is the next step in the process. Let’s pretend you have both of those figured out. You’re all done…right? Actually, there is one more thing you should evaluate. The quality of the diamond side stones that go in your setting is EQUALLY as important the other two components mentioned above. Diamond side stones are the relatively small diamonds that make up the setting you select for her engagement ring. You may think, “the diamond side stones are so small it doesn’t really matter what their quality is.” This is absolutely incorrect. It makes all the difference in a setting that has life and sparkle versus one that doesn’t. Trust me, when you put a setting with nice quality side stones next to one without such quality, the difference is bigger than night and day. Most of your big box jewelry stores will cut corners in the area of side stone quality and use diamonds that are H-J Color, I1-I2 Clarity, and with Fair to Good Cut Grades. Most would not prefer this combination for a center stone (specifically Clarity and Cut) so why do everything right only to make a huge misstep at the finish line? My expert advice is to stick with a jeweler who uses diamond side stones at a minimum quality of G-H Color, VS2-SI1 Clarity, and Very Good to Ideal (Excellent) Cut Grade. This will give the beautiful setting you picked the sparkle it deserves while also complimenting the center stone you selected.


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