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How To Secretly Find Out Her Ring Size

Brilliance in Diamonds owner, Kevin Brown, is frequently asked by customers about how they can find out their girlfriend’s ring size without her knowing. Determining her ring size without asking can be tricky, but it is certainly not impossible. Here are some of The Engagement Specialists's tips and tricks if you are set on planning a surprise proposal!

Ask her mom or friends

There’s that saying that mama knows best right? Well, chances are that she’ll know your sweetheart’s finger size. If she doesn’t have the slightest clue then it’s time to turn to her trusty best friend. It’s likely your girlfriend and her best friend swapped jewelry for a day so she may have the answer you're looking for! Make sure to re-ensure mom and friends that this is top secret! 

Borrow one of her rings for a day

Try sneaking into her jewelry box (this is the only time that it’s acceptable; and the tip below) and borrow one of her rings. Make sure to choose one that she doesn’t wear on a daily basis! Once you have the ring, call Kevin immediately so that you can come in and get the ring measured. Her ring will be back in the box before she even knows it went missing!

Take your detective skills a step further

If you simply can’t muster up the thought of taking one of her rings for fear of her finding out, then this tip is for you. While she is distracted, break out your James Bond moves and sneak into where she keeps her jewelry to measure one of her rings. Kevin has special measuring tools that he would be happy to let you borrow. One of our customers said he waited until his girlfriend went to the bathroom to measure the size of her ring. She didn't suspect a thing. 

What if she doesn’t wear rings?

There are many women who actually prefer not to wear any jewelry at all so you may not have anything to go by. The average ring size is right around a 6 so when in doubt you could always go with this size and then The Engagement Specialists can size the ring later on.  We will also guide you in trying to guesstimate what her appropriate ring size would be.  What you want to try and avoid is the ring being way too big or way too small.  



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